"Five Stars! Had a great experience with them. I trust them completely. I was out of state and wanted to come back to New York to a newly decorated apartment. They were always available via phone, email and FaceTime. I told them what a few of my preferences were, like what I wanted to buy new and what they should try to reuse. And they put everything together seamlessly.  They truly put together a design that was better than I could have imagined. They kept all of my original furniture with the only purchases being a new couch, area rug and accents. They re-purposed everything else and stayed within my budget. I HIGHLY recommend them! "

Mary P. - Long Beach, NY

"I have always been clueless with design, and needed some real help on a real budget. We had gutted our home after Hurricane Sandy and had to get rid of all of our furniture and everything. Needless to say, we were on a tight budget and i was just eager to have someone come in and give us a functional layout with durable furniture. We have two young kids and a huge open ranch. We needed our house to be warm and kid friendly. With a meager budget they transformed our house into a real home.  They refinished old family furniture that can now be found throughout our house with totally new looks. Their attention to detail and our needs was more than we could have asked for. Our daughters have cozy and gorgeous bedrooms now and the emptiness that was our house for so long is now warm and inviting. I could recommend them or trust them more. If you want a great, functional decor, on a family friendly budget, call them!!"

Danielle B. - Long Island, NY

"DesignBar put together an e-design for me for our new nursery. My husband is really handy and I like to work on my own time frame, so we didn't need anyone to come in and do the whole nursery project for us start to finish, but we did need some serious help with the decor and layout. Working with them was so simple and easy. They literally mapped out everything for us. From spacial planning in a 3D layout image so we could see EXACTLY where to put everything, to a product list with click through links and discounts on our products. They laid out the whole thing for us. We gave them our room dimensions and they sent us back a 3D layout of the entire floorplan. They sent us a complete design/mood board with all items needed from Curtains to curtain rods, lighting fixtures, rugs, sheets, artwork, paint color, etc and then they gave us an entire product list with purchase links and coupon codes/discounts. We went back and forth a few times on some items I wanted to switch out or update/add and they were completely available to us at anytime and 100% responsive. All we had to do was order our items and we were done. They also give the option to order everything for you so you really don't need to do anything at all but open boxes and put things away, but again, we like to work on our own time frame  [😊] .  I think we could have also opted to have them come and set the room up for us as well! They really were so happy, easy and fun to work with. "

Jodi C.-  Hewlett, NY

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